The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Health V1

How to get your health to the maximum level and increase your happiness, work output and relationship to achieve the best quality of life…

Hi, and welcome to our men’s health & fitness guide. It’s made up of 2 interconnected fields: mental health & physical health. Indeed, one does improve the other. Always. And that’s why we won’t put a clear split in here.

Keep in mind that this guide is very general and tackles many problems on a surface level only. More in-depth articles will be published and linked asap. In the meantime: Google is your friend.

Fix your health todo list: your personal plan

If you want it quick and dirty, here is everything you need to do to fix your health as a man:

  • train, eat healthy, rest regularly, gain muscle, get in shape
  • write down and start fixing your persisting health issues
  • Looksmaxxing (face, body, style, behavior)
  • practice regular socializing just like going to the gym
  • find and work on your purpose every day
  • fix your hormone levels, if broken

Personal coaching on hitting all of you health goals will be soon available. Make sure to send us an email if interested.

Everyone else can now enjoy us going a little bit deeper into what it takes to truly get your body & mind working on a super achiever level 24/7…

fixing old problems: take responsibility for yourself

If we want to get your physical and mental health to the maximum level, we first need to identify and fix those old problems you have been carrying around for years now. You need to identify them and take responsibility for them. Nobody is going to fix them for you and they only get worse with time as they usually stack up when you get older. Make a list now.

Here are some examples of problems of myself:

  • bad eyesight
  • knee problems
  • back pain
  • wrist pain
  • allergies
  • slight depressions
  • etc.

Some of these will be fixed by the following general advice I provide you in this guide but probably not all. So, you will need to track them and eventually do some research on specific topics on your own. That’s 1 of the most important lessons you need to learn anyway: Always do your own research and always take responsibility for yourself.

How to not get sick: Improve your immune system

Despite the immune system being a quite complex system, it’s relatively easy to fix if we stick to the basics. Here is a list with the most important facts:

  • Eating: all the nutrients that your body needs
    • enough protein (including all essential amino acids)
    • some carbs (important for gut bacteria which are essential for gut health. And it’s said that 80% of your immune system sits in the gut)
    • some fats (with a special focus on omega 3-6-9 which are essential and rare most diets) 
    • and all the vitamins and minerals of course
    • bonus: Foods with many strong antioxidants always help with fighting sickness as well. Some examples are: curcumin, ginger, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, etc.
  • Stress: Yes, you heard right. Your body’s immune response is strongest when you’re under tension. The most important part though is to keep the stress on a nearly constant level. That’s the reason you always get sick, when you’re going on a holiday trip and just chill out. Your immune system is literally crushing right at this moment. The easiest tips to keep the stress going are cold showers or doing sports daily. Which brings us right to the next basic…
  • Sports: Besides putting a certain level of stress on the immune system and keeping it alive, doing sports increases blood flow and regeneration in the whole body.
  • Rest: Like Ying & Yang can’t go without each other neither does our immune system without rest and action. Of course, you need your 6-8h of sleep a day to have it working optimally. Other activities like massages, baths or warm showers can help as well and improve blood flow and regeneration.

look & feel better: looksmaxxing

Looksmaxxing is an (in my opinion) totally underestimated technique to improve your mental health and by nature also your physical health of course. Also, it’s on the intersection of Social Life & Health. As it will provide you major social benefits if executed correctly.

You can find an amazing video guide on that topic here:

get stronger: gain muscle

Gaining muscle and getting in shape is also massively interconnected to looksmaxxing of course. But it’s worth being mentioned on it’s own since the benefits are ridiculous:

  • feel more confident and safe in your body (improves every social interaction)
  • protects you from bad social behaviour against you
  • protects you from possible accident and age related health problems
  • strengthens and improves basically every health aspect of your body
  • gain respect of men and admiration of women

So, how can you gain muscle and get in shape as a man asap? By following the basics to the teeth. No fucking excuses! Here’s what I do:

  • heavy weightlifting (on average 6days a week, 20-25 sets per day)
  • doing HIIT cardio (10min per day, to get in shape & improve recovery)
  • getting 7-8h of sleep per night (always trying to get regular bed times!)
  • eating just enough calories to gain muscle & burn fat simultaniously (for me it’s about 2800kcal at the moment, obviously your intake may very drastically)
  • eating 1g of Protein per 1lbs of bodyweight (2,2g per kg)
  • eating about 1kg of fruit & vegetable a day (putting a lot of attention on hitting my micro nutrients)
  • spending about $200 a month on supps to get that last inch of performance out of that body (creatin, omega3, multivitamin, spirulina, chlorella, ashwhaghanda, Tongkat Ali, Fadogia Agrestis, Cistanche, ecdysterone and sometimes Yohimbe to lose some fat)

Discipline is literally everything you need and your body will blow up with this in a few months. Some people will accuse you of juicing and that’s perfect fine. You know, you have done everything right if it happens.

reduce anxiety & stop depression: build self-esteem

Okay, now let’s come to a little bit of an unexpected and simultaneously overarching topic. If your mental health is fucked up every move you take is 10x harder. I know this from personal experience as well. And that’s why it’s an absolute priority to fix it asap! Every other step in this guide will already help you with it but here are 2 more very important steps to take. Listen up!

First – your purpose: As Andrew Tate would say “If I was living your life (of a loser), I would be depressed too.” You must find a way to channel all your negative energy, desperation and depression into working on this 1 thing. This 1 passion, your purpose. Start with something ridiculous if necessary but start today and build on it every day. Men need this to stay sane in the brain. Trust me on this. An example could be your online business building websites, selling sneakers, organizing parties, writing a novel, getting a world-renowned photographer… It’s completely on you. And don’t forget that you can change your path as you go but get moving asap!

Second – your social life: As a human, you should probably know, that social interaction is absolutely necessary for staying sane. It’s sad that I have to mention this but as I was a victim of the internet with no social circle whatsoever myself, I know how deep the rabbit hole goes. That’s why you must train socializing just like going to the gym. Here are some steps to take:

  • improve you charisma
  • learn how to seduce women
  • speak to new people wherever you go and make new friends regularly!
  • take care of valuable existing relationships
  • take care of your family as well

So, do me a favor and stop being that little bitch, sitting in front of a computer all day. You need to do this in real life. Build a real, solid social circle that will last when everything else goes South (as it happens sometimes). Some of these people will protect your heart and mind and help you rise as well. So, choose them wisely and never stop creating new input!

Conclusion: As the result of these 2 steps you’ll build solid self-esteem and calmness inside your head which will help you dramatically reduce depression and anxiety. Combined with all the other steps on this list your symptoms will vanish completely over time.