22 Top Fashion Influencers to Get Life-Changing Fashion Tips From

freestocks 3Q3tsJ01nc unsplash
Planning fashion staples to purchase is always a good idea. Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Ever seen those swoon-worthy OOTDs on Instagram or Pinterest? Starstruck by outfits-for-the-week videos on Youtube? 

Imagine feeling refreshed and put-together for your daily ventures. Capture that girl boss image on a regular day at work. 

Dreaming of a breathtaking attire is definitely fun and exciting, but attaining the right pieces could be tricky. You may feel some panic and pressure to buy cute staples, but don’t shop until you drop and purchase based on your feelings just yet!

It sure is tempting to just shop all you want (trust us! we love a good old spontaneous shopping spree too). But planning what staples to wear and purchase is always a good idea.

The Benefits of Planning What to Wear

jason briscoe w2uvoJo woE unsplash
Reap long-term benefits by planning what to wear. Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Major confidence boost

madison compton hR2HcC nfvA unsplash
Feel extremely carefree with the right outfits. Photo by Madison Compton on Unsplash

Dressing well not only makes you look well-groomed and neat, but it boosts your confidence too (especially knowing you took good care of yourself!)

Fail-proof fashion style 

icons8 team k5fUTay0ghw unsplash
Feel put-together and ready to face the day with the appropriate accessories. Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

Planning your clothes give you a fail-proof getup that captures classic inspirations or the latest trends.

Feel secure and fresh all day

tamara bellis WdPfMcpeQas unsplash
Maximze comfort and convenience. Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Besides being on trend, you can be assured that you invested in pieces that make you cozy and relaxed for a long day ahead.

Practicality beats everything 

piotr szulawski XjR Y8PKeww unsplash
Save more with items that last a long time. Photo by piotr szulawski on Unsplash

Investing in high-quality pieces doesn’t only give you the best textiles and craftsmanship. You are assured your key staples will last for a long time.

Feel effortlessly cool

wesley tingey 3mGnYRUNIck unsplash
Reflect your unique persona through fashion. Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

(even though you put in the effort!) Experience convenience with the right picks that bring you a hassle-free day.

Be original 

arnel hasanovic dcKrkZq7RPw unsplash
Capture the style that suits your taste. Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Allowing your creativity to flow brings you a getup that reflects your personality. Give yourself that self-love, own your attire, and reinforce your artistry.

Have a tough time deciding what outfit to wear for the day?

pexels ylanite koppens 934070
It would be a dream to have IG-worthy outfits all the time. Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels

It would be spectacular if you could get that Instagram-worthy OOTD every day, but instead, you’re probably in a rush to get to work or school.

Planning outfits can be challenging. 

Luckily, we have top fashion influencers on this list to get instant fashion advice and inspiration. You’ll never have to worry about copping that dazzling fashion style ever again!

pexels andrea piacquadio 774866
Confidence is always key! Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

(Here’s a little sneak peek: it starts with confidence!) Read on to know more about the fashion influencers you should watch out for.

The Top Style Icons on Instagram

1. Emma Hill @emmahill

How did Emma Hill become one of the most followed fashion influencers on Instagram?

With over eight hundred thousand Instagram followers, Emma is among the fashion influencers that showcase swoon-worthy Minimalistic High Street Style and Instagram Fashion. 

Follow this fashion influencer on her social media platforms for the classic New York City street style.

Why is Emma Hill a fashion influencer to watch out for?

karlek studio ocxJjL1W4NQ unsplash
White sneakers for a relaxed look. Photo by KΓ€rlek Studio on Unsplash

Emma Hill is one of the top fashion influencers on Instagram that make sure her outfit ideas are perfect on the go.

Through influencer marketing, Emma has collaborated with other fashion influencers and fashion brands around the world.

This style influencer suggests building up your layers with lightweight materials for transitional periods. Going for neutral, monochromatic, and earth tones is the key to visually pleasing color schemes. 

You don’t want to be feeling greasy on hot summer days.

For this season, This style icon loves loose dresses for a laidback look with a breezy feel. For the perfect slouchy and relaxed look, go for your go-to white sneakers or converse. 

Get a glimpse of a relaxed and comfortable look. Visit Emma’s social media platforms for more style inspirations. This fashion blogger is definitely one of the fashion influencers to follow.

2. Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni

How did Chiara Ferragni become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Since starting her blog, theblondesalad.com, this fashion blogger/fashion entrepreneur has garnered immense success and a massive following.

Chiara isn’t just one of the top fashion influencers on Instagram.

She has started her personal fashion brand, become the CEO of her companies, founded a talent agency for other influencers, and released a masterclass and documentaries.

With an audience of over twenty-seven million on Instagram, Chiara is surely among the top fashion influencers to follow. This fashion designer established the Chiara Ferragni Collection with co founder, Riccardo Pozzoli.

Chiara and her co-founder continue to impact the fashion industry with a clothing line featuring trend-based fashion, street style, and captivating designs.

Why is Chiara Ferragni one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

milad fakurian CN2FEPXERRI unsplash
Vibrant color trends in fashion. Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

This style icon has a personal style that captures trends straight from luxury brand fashion shows and runways. This insider scoop gives her followers the latest trends in her OOTD posts.

She is among the fashion influencers who have created their fashion brands.

This designer impacts her million supporters and followers with an award-worthy fashion style and ideas that make life fascinating.

The Chiara Ferragni Brand has expanded its niche into fashion beauty and lifestyle. This fashion brand incorporates vibrant and trendy hues from pinks to purples, serving you that Y2K look.

Getting the Gen Z style is easy with strappy and laced-up heels that reach until your calves. This fashion designer has an iconic style, glamorous fashion brands, and a swoon-worthy wardrobe fit for a power woman’s lifestyle.

3. Chrissy Rutherford @chrissyford

How did Chrissy Rutherford become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Reading about runways from magazines in her high school years opened Chrissy to the world of fashion.

This fashion influencer was a writer, special projects director, and assistant editor for Harper’s Bazaar.

This exposure to the fashion industry led her to become a full-time fashion influencer. Later, this style icon established 2BG Consulting, helping brands create valuable messages and promote inclusivity.

Why is Chrissy Rutherford one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

segal jewelry NsH CvU0deg unsplash
Timeless details brought by jewelry Photo by Segal Jewelry on Unsplash

Chrissy is one of the fashion influencers on Instagram to follow.

This fashion influencer has over sixty-eight thousand followers on her Instagram, where she showcases her polished power looks. 

Her biggest tip, go for blazers for that girl boss feel. 

Use jewelry for timeless details that complete your entire outfit. Lastly, comfort is your best friend, and you’re sure to feel confident when you feel cozy and fashionable at the same time.

4. Jenn Im @imjennim

How did Jenn Im become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Upon starting her youtube channel in 2010, this fashion influencer and designer did not hold back in impacting the fashion world.

In 2017, Jenn launched Eggie, her clothing brand that features comfortable and relaxed clothing.

Jenn garnered over a million followers on her Instagram account. She is among the fashion influencers that share life updates and street style inspirations on their online content.

Why is Jenn Im one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

sandra cris Jy312YvjV M unsplash
Fearlessly style your cowboy boots Photo by Sandra Cris on Unsplash

This fashion designer captures hearts with countless fashion inspirations on Instagram. 

From oversized knit vests and mini skirts to Coachella fringe shorts, coppery cowboy boots, and crochet crop tops, Jenn surely knows how to rock every style.

Jenn’s fashion pinpoints for her followers are simple – Keep it real and JUST GO FOR IT! It’s your life. Whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful is what matters the most.  

5. Phil Cohen @thepacman82

How did Phil Cohen become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

What started as an OOTD selfie grew into a largely followed Instagram fashion account.

Phil Cohen is an art director in a graphic design agency. With his passion for fashion, Phil experimented ways to reflect his personal style in photography.

Phil eventually found his niche. He shares his flat lay photography to over eight hundred thousand followers on his Instagram account.

Why is Phil Cohen one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

ian dooley 3NCA3tbaE5I unsplash
Flat lay photography has been Phil’s medium to reflect his passion for fashion. Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

In Phil’s art, the clothes speak for themselves, and his followers are gifted with visually pleasing photographs and fashion inspirations.

Phil uses neutral color schemes with some olives, beiges, and grays.

He prefers loose and lightweight materials for a cozy fit, layering them for a fail-proof silhouette. He matches hoodies and trousers with converse or stan smiths and accessories like beanies, sunglasses, and headphones.

6. Aimee Song @aimeesong

How did Aimee Song become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

We cannot talk about fashion influencers without Aimee Song.

She shares swoon-worthy outfit ideas on her social media platform, making people watch out for her next post.

This blogger has garnered over six million followers. Besides her influencing career, she has released a New York Times best-selling book and established her clothing line, Revolve.

Why is Aimee Song one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

pixel rich Xdac2Y2Nm5E unsplash
Don’t be afraid to go for metallic shades like Aimee Song. Photo by Pixel Rich on Unsplash

Aimee has been featuring square-toe heels and matching tops and bottoms, capturing the season’s trends and that Y2K fashion. She also showcases suede and patterned boots for those cooler days. 

From matching trousers and button-up vests to halter maxi dresses and bodycons, this top fashion influencer surely knows how to give her take on any style. 

Lastly, this fashion influencer isn’t afraid to go big and bold. From metallic materials and satins to swirl graphic prints, Aimee continues to create awe-inspiring outfits without going overboard.

7. Julie SariΓ±ana @sincerelyjules

How did Julie SariΓ±ana become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

From travel and outfit ideas to beauty advice and collaborations, this fashion influencer is at the top of her game.

In 2009, Julie started a blog to fill a creative void as she juggled college, a nine-to-five job, and an internship.

Why is Julie SariΓ±ana one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

content pixie ZB4eQcNqVUs unsplash
Pair a sling bag to a maxi dress for a date night look. Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

 Now, with over six million followers on her Instagram account, the color department founder brings us fashion tips for every endeavor.

Julie shares her pro advice on timeless looks for people on the go. Pairing a long sleeve top with a mini skirt and slides gives you that classic and effortless errand-day look.

For date nights, go for long dresses and explore your femininity with heels and a sling bag.

Get that cool and relaxed look with denim bottoms, a minimal top, and your go-to sneakers for less busy days.

8. Julia Engel @juliaberolzheimer

How did Julia Engel become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Julie Engel is one of the fashion influencers who started by writing blogs. 

She is among the New York City-based fashion influencers who gained traction since starting a fashion blog.

This influencer turned fashion designer started Gal Meets Glam in 2011, which eventually helped her quit her job and become a full-time influencer.

A few years later, her husband did the same, and in 2018, the Girl Meets Glam Collection was formed.

With over one million followers on Instagram and almost two hundred thousand followers on the GMG Collection account, Julie continues to impact the fashion world with her style.

Why is Julia Engel one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

ales maze n6d5E4wk6Ic unsplash
A relaxed dress that hugs your waist gives a flattering look. Photo by Ales Maze on Unsplash

This fashion designer has a feminine image in her outfits. By designing more affordable clothing, she makes fashion accessible to women. 

Julie makes dainty and classic looks fun, allowing you to experiment with dress styles and trends. Going for loose and oversized sleeves on a dress that hugs your waist gives you a flattering figure.

Pair dresses with neutral slides or heels. If you wish to skip the dress, try a matching top and flattering trousers for a similar feel.

9. Shea Marie @sheamarie

How did Shea Marie become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Shea Marie is a fashion influencer with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

Her million supporters are blessed with visually-pleasing aesthetics and brilliant style ideas, making them stay in tune with her content.

Shea is an entrepreneur and fashion designer, founding her swimwear and activewear brand, Same Los Angeles, and her health and beauty brand, The Feelist. 

Why is Shea Marie one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

brooke cagle kElEigko7PU unsplash
You can never go wrong with knits and white dresses for a classic and elegant look. Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Same Los Angeles features swimwear fit for every personality.

Try a boho chic pattern for that Summer It Girl Look, or go for vibrant hues and patterns for a change.

Aside from her own clothing line, Shea loves to showcase her OOTDs.You can never go wrong with polished and sexy dresses in satin, lace, or knit materials for your beach trips.

If you don’t want to overthink your outfit, The Same Los Angeles founder proves that white dresses are a classic you can trust.

This fashion influencer goes for a relaxed and cool look on regular days. From loose knit sweaters and pants to white cargo pants and a neutral-toned one-sided off-shoulder top, turn heads with a stunning fashion style.

10. Kristina Bazan @kristinabazan

 Kristina Bazan is among the fashion influencers who had their start in blogging.

She is the founder of Kayture, where she mostly photographed and created content by herself. This fashion influencer worked with many fashion brands and other beauty brands like L’Oreal. 

Through fashion influencer marketing, Kristina had the opportunity to collaborate with other influencers and brands around the world.

With a following of over 2.4 million, Kristina now gives her million supporters content beyond beauty and fashion.

Kristina is currently pursuing her music career, proving that she’s a multi-talented artist indeed.

How did Kristina Bazan become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

kira ikonnikova hXcv3Ybva6s unsplash
A classic black dress looks sleek when paired with a clean bun and minimal makeup. Photo by Kira Ikonnikova on Unsplash

Kristina doesn’t stop pursuing her love for fashion, inspiring us with awe-inspiring OOTDs on her social media platforms. 

In one blog post, the Kayture founder confirms that the classic black dress looks phenomenal with a slick bun and minimal makeup. 

Experimenting with color can be fun with a matching top and bottom.

 Style an oversized blazer in a pretty hue with platform heels for that million-dollar look.

11. Rachel Parcell @rachparcell

How did Rachel Parcell become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Starting an online journal about her newlywed life meant to be read by her closest loved ones led to unexpected opportunities for Rachel.

Upon starting Rach + Drew in 2010, the couple had been featured on the cover of Utah Valley Bride magazine, gaining more traction to her blog. 

Soon after, women started asking Rachel about her fashion staples.

This experience led her to rebrand into Pink Peonies, where she shares pretty and pink favorites in fashion, lifestyle, and more.

Why is Rachel Parcell one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

eugenivy now jKMmbEYMMo0 unsplash
Get a dainty look in an instant with woven basket bags and hats. Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

With a following of over a million on her Instagram account, this fashion influencer, CEO, and creative director of RP Rachel Parcell brings romantic inspirations and outfit ideas.

Capturing the dainty and feminine vibe are fruity patterns in dresses. Pair these with natural weave patterns in hats and basket bags for an inherently captivating look.

For your spring essentials, the RP brand has got you chiffon materials in a floral flare dress for that exquisite, feminine, and elegant style.

12. Mary Lawless Lee @marylawlesslee

How did Mary Lawless Lee become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Mary Lawless Lee is a fashionista with a casual and cool approach.

She is the founder of the fashion blog happilygrey.  

She launched her brand as a creative pursuit with no background in blogging.

Years later, it has garnered a combined 2.6 million followers on various platforms, making this entrepreneur someone to watch out for. Her personal Instagram Account @marylawlesslee has garnered over nine hundred thousand followers.

From being a full-time nurse to a full-time influencer and blogger, Mary admits: that she is no fashion expert. She believes that fashion goes beyond clothes.

She emanates confidence and creativity, which reflects her personal style.

Why is Mary Lawless Lee one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

syd wachs ws8XXuc i 4 unsplash
Go for black lace-up boots for an edgy look. Photo by Syd Wachs on Unsplash

She inspires her followers through luxury brands and more affordable brands, classic favorites, and featured styles and trends.

In her blog series, Friday Five, she shares her five clothing picks and her corresponding style suggestions.

In one post, she cops a staple oversized leather jacket with black lace-up boots for that effortless street style and tomboy image.

13. Gemma Talbot @gemmatalbot

How did Gemma Talbot become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

This next influencer is a UK fashion blogger and digital creator.

Gemma’s Instagram feed and posts showcase fashion trends and style ideas. Her Instagram has garnered over seventy-nine thousand followers. 

Besides having several followers on her main Instagram feed, Gemma has a virtual book club on the same platform: @book_clubinthecity, and a youtube channel with over eight thousand subscribers.

Why is Gemma Talbot one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

becca tapert r7MVM1dTtPw unsplash
Add some flare on dresses or opt for a maxi skirt for a graceful aura. Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Gemma goes for neutral tones and occasionally goes for vibrant pops of color. 

Into feminine and dainty dresses? You may want to check out her feed and posts. 

Fall in love with graceful styles and tips. We suggest this dazzling Gemma Talbot style. Match some flared linen dresses with heels for an elegant date night look.

For summer vacation staples, go for maxi skirts with slits or an all-white ensemble to get that Gemma Talbot iconic look.

14. Amy Bell @amybell

How did Amy Bell become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

If you love switching up styles based on event, mood, or personality, you might want to follow our next influencer. 

Amy Bell has got a taste in fashion. This gal is not afraid to experiment. 

This fashion influencer started her fashion blog while studying English Literature. 

She has over one hundred forty-five thousand followers on Instagram. As the founder of thelittlemagpie.com, this well-known fashion influencer inspires women and men with styling tips for that cool and relaxed image.

Her youtube posts expand beyond fashion and into the lifestyle and travel niche.

Why is Amy Bell one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

katarzyna kos x9WWtbFhbO8 unsplash
Instantly jazz up your getup with thick-framed retro sunglasses. Photo by Katarzyna Kos on Unsplash

You won’t be able to resist a matching set of plaid trousers and blazer, a bustier puff sleeve top, a straw bag, beret, and thick-framed retro glasses for a European getaway.

For those dainty spring walks, cop some chunk boots, a fleece jacket, your favorite jeans, and a corset top for a feminine and cool-looking outfit.

15. Mariano Di Vaio @marianodivaio

How did Mariano Di Vaio become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Been looking for a male fashion influencer to help you get that polished yet relaxed outfit idea?

Well, you’re going to rave about this next influencer.

Mariano Di Vaio is a well-known Italian blogger, fashion influencer, actor, and model who has been impacting the fashion industry all around the world.

MDV has over 6.8 million followers on his Instagram account. Through influencer marketing, this fashion influencer has been a brand ambassador for brands like Hugo Boss and Maserati. 

Mariano has his own jewelry line, MDV Jewels, a shoe collection named MDV Shoes, and an eyewear collection named MDV eyewear. 

Why is Mariano Di Vaio one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

monaal garg 99NxpMVxWDA unsplash
Cop some tan loafers and match with a long-sleeveshirt and trousers. Photo by Monaal Garg on Unsplash

MDV posts his style tips for his followers on his youtube account.

In one of his summer outfits videos, he showcases a powder pink button-down long-sleeve shirt, a pair of loose striped trousers, and tan loafers.

Bonus tip! For more carefree events, tuck sleeves more loosely for an effortless look.

16. Alexandra Lapp @alexandralapp

How did Alexandra Lapp become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

This next influencer is an inspiration to women that there’s never a time too late to reach your dreams in life.

Alexandra Lapp is a German fashion influencer, columnist, blogger, and model. She is an entrepreneur who started her fashion blog at forty – serving us classy looks and swoon-worthy outfit ideas.

Why is Alexandra Lapp one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

korie cull OmIEij4MhnA unsplash
Jazz up your ensemble with a luxury fashion bag. Photo by Korie Cull on Unsplash

With over four hundred ten thousand followers, Alexandra’s brand is well known and ever-growing. Each Instagram post is an inspiration loved by her followers. Alexandra showcases fashion and beauty brands and styling timeless pieces.

The classic large overcoat is a staple Alexandra wears over a casual inner layer.

If you’re into that power look that expresses femininity, try dresses with some flair paired with a Louis Vuitton or other luxury fashion bags.

You don’t need to go all out with the high fashion to capture that power look. Go for a matching top and bottom for a monochromatic ensemble that serves a girl boss vibe.

17. Maria Vizuete @miamiamine

How did Maria Vizuete become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Success really follows when you pursue your dreams.

Maria Vizuete is a stock analyst who launched her fashion blog in 2012, Mia Mia Mine. After years of juggling both careers, she finally became a full-time blogger and fashion influencer.

With a following of over a million on Instagram, Maria is one of the fashion influencers on the social media platform you should watch out for.

Maria brings wardrobe inspiration with both affordable finds and luxury fashion brands.

Why is Maria Vizuete one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

tamara bellis 6P yGDcfJdA unsplash
Grab a leather jacket or a blazer to add your personal touch to a white dress. Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

In a travel outfit blog post, she swears by comfy denim with just the right crop at the hem for heels or sneakers.

Style a white dress with a chic blazer for a breathtaking summer look that screams power and femininity. 

Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat

How did Danielle Bernstein become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Fall in love with aesthetics and that effortless chic with one of the most well-known fashion influencers on Instagram.

Daniel Bernstein is an entrepreneur, founder, and designer of her fashion blog, weworewhat.com. Danielle Bernstein has a following of over 2.9 million on her Instagram, where she shares her dazzling fashion style.

This New York Times Best Selling Author has been in the fashion world since she launched her fashion blog a decade ago.

Her influencer marketing brought collaborations with fashion brands around the world.

Why is Danielle Bernstein one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

pexels mikhail nilov 9784516
Puffed sleeves bring an instant win for that vintage elegance. Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

Summer days have got you feeling hot and sweaty, but don’t worry. This fashion influencer shares her Instagram fashion must-haves for feeling fresh and relaxed.

Capture a vintage and dainty inspiration with puffed sleeves and lace materials, or try an all-white ensemble for a clean look.

For that street style-based fashion, try a loose-fitting plaid knit vest over a long-sleeve top. Bring accessories like a chain line leather belt for a punk rock image.

Hit the streets with your fashion and beauty essentials as featured on Danielle Bernstein’s feed. You’ll enjoy any post she makes featuring her classic Instagram fashion.

19. Lauren Conrad @laurenconrad

How did Lauren Conrad become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

This crowd-favorite style influencer has got us head over heels for her gorgeous looks.

Lauren Conrad is a well-known philanthropist, a TV personality, a fashion designer, and the editor-in-chief of laurenconrad.com.

In 2009, her fashion brand, LC Lauren Conrad was launched, featuring clothing, jewelry, accessories, and the like. This New York Times best-selling author released fashion beauty and lifestyle books loved by many in the fashion industry. 

Why is Lauren Conrad one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

pexels rodnae productions 6192364
Fruity colors and patterns gives a refreshing vibe. Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

With a following of over 5.9 million, Lauren is one of the most popular fashion influencers on Instagram.

This style influencer inspires many with her breathtaking wardrobe. Lauren showcases elegant and refreshing outfits with her own fashion collection.

Turn heads with puff sleeves, white linen dresses, fruity colors, and floral collections and glow with that gorgeous appeal.

20. Alexa Chung @alexachung

How did Alexa Chung become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

This style influencer is a gorgeous girl with a lot to offer in the fashion industry. Alexa Chung is a model, TV presenter, fashion influencer, and fashion designer.

With a following of over 5.4 million on Instagram, Alexa has many swooning over her fashion style and beauty on social media.

Why is Alexa Chung one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

pexels shvets production 7506920
Build your silhouette with an oversized jacket and opt for baggy trousers for some comfort and form.

She uses the social media platform to express her personality and outfits, serving us the finest visuals, style, and aesthetics anyone could ask for.

Here are our takeaways from Alexa’s OOTDs.

Go for bold jackets that instantly build a silhouette and reinforces the look you’re going for. Turn to hats for accessories that add up to your personal style. 

Lastly, loose trousers are everything! They give you a flattering shape while bringing you comfort.

21. Adam Gallagher @iamgalla

How did Adam Gallagher become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

You won’t believe how young this fashion influencer was when he started his fashion career.

Adam Gallagher was only 17 years old when he launched his fashion blog, iamgalla.com.

Adam is one of the top fashion influencers on Instagram, sharing his swoon-worthy outfit ideas that instantly bring you that cool and polished image.

With over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Adam is one of the biggest fashion influencers to follow. Influencer marketing has given him opportunities to work with his dream fashion brands.

Why is Adam Gallagher one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

vadim sherbakov tCICLJ5ktBE unsplash
Use neutral or monochromatic tones on accessories and tech for a sleek look. Look classes with your favorite pair of sunglasses. Photo by Vadim Sherbakov on Unsplash

This well-known fashion influencer will inspire you with street styles and cool fashion trends for your wardrobe.

Adam shares his OOTDs, styling wardrobe essentials with neutral color palettes, some navies, and gray tones.

This style icon opts for loafers to go with his trousers. Head to the streets with class and captivate with accessories like sunglasses.

22. Irene Kim @ireneisgood

How did Irene Kim become one of the most followed fashion influencers?

Irene Kim is a Korean-American model, TV personality, and fashion influencer.

She has been featured on many magazine covers like Harper’s Bazaar.

Irene Kim is one of the fashion influencers who have loved fashion since they were young. Bloggers and influencers like Chiara Ferragni inspired this style influencer, reinforcing her love for fashion.

Now with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, it’s her turn to inspire her social media audience with dazzling Instagram fashion, her personal style, and her creativity. 

Why is Irene Kim one of the top fashion influencers to watch out for?

pexels cottonbro 10669646
Opt for vibrant hues that matches the Y2K trend. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Irene proves that she isn’t afraid of expressing herself. She is among the fashion influencers whose authenticity has positively impacted the fashion industry.

She goes for vibrant hues, bold patterns, and a mixture of both materials. Irene goes beyond the wardrobe and is known for her experimental hair colors that express her personality and style.

On regular days, Irene goes for a casual street style, denim jeans or a jumper, and a cute tank top.

Fashion Influencers Tips!

pexels shattha pilabut 135620
Choose fashion staples that suit your taste. Photo by shattha pilabut on Pexels

Fashion inspirations are everywhere. These influencers give you ideas for different occassion like a fancy night out or a casual city stroll. You’ll surely pick a style that suits your vibe with numerous insights from fashion insiders.

pexels cottonbro 9512038
Cop the latest trends straight from runways. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Follow these fashion influencers for insider scoops on trends straight from runways. Find inspirations that resonate with your creativity and personal style.

What’s important is that you stay true to yourself and emanate love and confidence for your individuality. Dress to express, but consider comfort to feel refreshed through the day.

pexels reign martinez 11879168
Experiment with vibrant shades, shapes, and patterns. Photo by Reign Martinez on Pexels

Explore patterns, color schemes, and materials to find what best suits you. Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize and add some functionality to your daily wear.

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