22 Fitness Youtube Channels to Subscribe to for Surefire Results

towfiqu barbhuiya kp0ygaEf5oU unsplash
Working out is essential for your overall wellnes. Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

We get you. Not all of us got some time on our plate. Did we really need to expend more energy after a tiring day at work?

Your reasons are valid. It must be exhausting to juggle your responsibilities and career goals.

But don’t you ever wish you could be a little more active and refreshed every day? Maybe you want to get that youthful glow or a fitter body.

These effects are reaped through healthier habits and exercise. (Spoiler alert!) Working out increases your efficiency in taking care of yourself, having better eating habits, and getting that glowing appeal. 

And while time may or may not be in your favor, thankfully, these exercise and wellness YouTubers have got you covered. These YouTubers acknowledge that their audience has individual needs and other responsibilities. So, they make exercise and wellness information accessible to you.

We picked our favorite channels for you to watch. Check them out below!

Youtube Channels to Follow for Effective and Long-lasting Results

1. Adriene Mishler | Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler is an actor, artist, teacher, and writer. The YOGA with Adriene Co-founder and Find What Feels Good CEO impacts her audience on Instagram with yoga and wellness content. 

Yoga with Adriene helps its followers with youtube videos. Adriene is one of the best fitness YouTubers providing you free yoga videos you can use every week.

Why should you try Adriene’s Youtube fitness training?

eneko urunuela I2YSmEUAgDY unsplash
Meditating allows you to feel connected and be more self-aware.Photo by Eneko Uruñuela on Unsplash

Adriene believes that everything is connected and that you practice self-awareness through yoga. Doing the inner work brings you healing, peace, and clarity. 

This yoga teacher believes that the courage to show up is the first step to getting clear. You have it in you to practice stillness, listen to your body, and nurture it. 

If you’re looking for accessible online content to practice yoga at home, check this channel out!

Yoga with Adriene is among the fitness youtube channels to subscribe to. Her videos are perfect for anyone, regardless if you’ve got yoga experience or are just starting out.

Follow Adriene on Facebook to see video updates, posts, and links to videos on her channel.

2. Katie Dunlop | Love Sweat Fitness

This next influencer and personal trainer had her own successful 45-pound weight loss story. And she’s more than willing to help other women and share her knowledge with the rest of the world through her youtube channel.

Katie Dunlop CPT, CSN established Love Sweat Fitness in 2014 to help women practice workouts properly. This personal trainer herself struggled with hypothyroidism and being overweight. She knew that to achieve her top wellness goals, Katie would have to change her lifestyle.

Why should you watch Katie’s fitness content and subscribe to her youtube channel?

As she slowly achieved her goals, she found her passion in fitness. Katie became a certified personal trainer and found a mission in helping women transform their lives and feel more confident. 

Now, with over four hundred forty-eight thousand followers on Instagram and seven hundred forty-six thousand subscribers on her youtube channel, Love Sweat Fitness is among the best fitness Youtube channels that provide countless women with nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle content. This channel gives you a failproof support system.

In one blog post, this fitness instructor states that the top reason people don’t lose weight is that they don’t have enough of the body’s needs. 

malvestida FfbVFLAVscw unsplash
Sleep is an important factor that greatly affects your wellness. Photo by Malvestida on Unsplash

People would resort to deprivation, failing to listen to their bodies. Protein, sleep, and relaxation are the factors you need to consider for a well-rounded wellness journey. 

Lastly, Katie encourages focusing on loving one’s body. Try her healthy recipes as featured on her Youtube channel videos and Facebook posts.

3. Leslie Sansone | Walk At Home

Walk At Home has provided men and women with multiple resources to improve life and overall wellness. What started as aerobic classes turned into a wellness club that is accessible on various platforms. From DVDs to a youtube channel and an app, you’ve got all you need to get moving (even at home). 

Leslie Sansone is an expert with over thirty years of experience. She has garnered multiple fitness certifications, an Instagram following of over one hundred sixty-one thousand, and a massive Youtube channel audience.

Why should you try Leslie’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels duong nhan 3049725
Walking at least a few minutes a day allows your muscles to operate at its optimum function. Photo by Dương Nhân on Pexels

Leslie believes that our bodies are made to move. Walk At Home is effective because it targets multiple muscle groups. This exercise gets you moving at a specific number of beats per minute and is joint-friendly, perfect for anyone who wants to try this exercise. 

This expert notes that the muscles are meant for moving, and if they don’t get the movement they need, they reach atrophy. This weakened state makes you gain more fat and slows down your metabolism. 

Thus, the movement goes beyond losing weight. Instead, it allows your muscles to function in the way they should.

4. Pamela Reif

As one of the most famous fitness influencers in Germany, Pamela Reif has achieved success in the influencing world. 

This influencer turned entrepreneur has utilized her following for her exercise and wellness business.

Why should you try Pamela’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels cottonbro 3927387
You can definitely enjoy a workout from home with minimal equipment. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

What started as posts on exercise and wellness grew into a massive following on Instagram. 

Now, Pamela has over 8.9 million followers on the platform and a massive following on her Youtube channel, where she posts workout videos targeting different body parts. 

Pamela Reif made it to Forbes 30 under 30 list. Her loyal following allowed her to start a business and create fitness programs and an app. 

If you’re looking for High-Intensity Workouts that get you sweating in a couple of minutes, check out Pamela’s videos on Youtube. Even if you don’t have access to a gym, gain muscle as you enjoy a workout video from her Youtube channel.

5. Joe Wicks | The Body Coach TV

This next fitness youtube channel has achieved a 4.5 million following on Instagram and a massive following on its Youtube channel. 

Joe Wicks finds purpose in helping numerous people achieve a healthier, fitter, and happier body. With his massive following, he was able to form the body coach app, which has aided his followers in achieving their wellness goals. 

Why should you try Joe’s free Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels ketut subiyanto 4474052
Instead of fixing all your focus on losing pounds, bettering your overall wellness may be a more sustainable mindset. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

Joe Wicks has various videos fit for every skill level. The Body Coach TV First Steps to Fitness Series are perfect for beginners. With only fifteen minutes per workout three times a week, you can find positive impacts on your overall wellness. 

This series is best for people with an inactive to a low activity level and who wish to improve their stamina. Enjoy new videos on this fitness channel!

Joe reveals in a blog post that motivation won’t come often, but discipline will help you get through. 

Rather than working out to look a certain way or lose weight, a more sustainable motivation is to improve your overall wellness, mental wellness, patience, energy, and mood. To achieve these, get enough sleep, movement, and proper nutrition.

6. XHIT Daily

If you’re looking for different daily workout combinations for some variety, XHIT Daily may be for you. 

With multiple trainers on this Youtube Channel, you can also find a mentor that captures your vibe and energy. 

XHIT Daily has over seven thousand followers on Instagram and over 3.25 million subscriptions on its Youtube channel. 

This youtube channel took a break for three years. In 2021, XHIT Daily returned to the scene with upgraded content fit for different activity levels.

Why should you try XHIT Daily’s free Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels li sun 2294361 1
HIIT workouts builds endurance and helps burn fat. Photo by Li Sun on Pexels

Enjoy 15-minute HIIT workouts to burn fat with jump lunges and burpees, or go for a core burner strength training routine with bicycle crunches plus leg raises. The choice is yours! 

Try your favorite stars’ workouts with their celebrity workout series. We’re loving Trainer Rebecca Louise’s Nina Dobrev Yoga Workout. Check it out!

7. POPSUGAR Fitness

We love empowerment and optimism, and brands like POPSUGAR Fitness are what keep us hooked on wellness and fitness videos. 

This Youtube channel has over 6.01 million subscribers and a massive following on its Instagram account, @popsugarfitness.

Why should you try POPSUGAR Fitness’ Youtube fitness workouts?

If you’re looking for a women-led workout routine, try their at-home workouts. Their Crossfit HIIT is perfect for those craving a sweat-out with only dumbbells for equipment. 

No dumbbells in sight? No problem. POPSUGAR Fitness ensures their workouts are accessible for their followers of all activity levels. Enjoy multiple contents of equipment-free HIIT workouts.

mike dorner sf 1ZDA1YFw unsplash
Bananas are good sources of fiber and potassium. Photo by Mike Dorner on Unsplash

Beyond the videos, learn life-changing tips for your overall wellness. In one blog post for addressing early-menopause symptoms, writer Rayna Rossito shares advice from Gynecologists: fill your diet with fiber and try resistance training. 

Undoubtedly, you’ll love the genuine care of POPSUGAR Fitness for its audience and its holistic wellness content. 

8. Scott Herman | Scott Herman Fitness

Scott discovered his passion for fitness ever since he started training at fourteen years old. 

With his growing interest in the fitness business, he worked as a Maintenance Manager at Gold’s Gym as a student and took up business management in College. 

His website rebranded into muscularstrength.com in 2015. With the prevalence of social media, Scott utilized Facebook and his Youtube channel to grow his brand. 

Now, Scott has over one hundred fifty thousand followers and 2.86 million Youtube channel subscriptions.

Why should you try Scott’s Youtube fitness workouts?

Scott explains in one beginner’s guide blog post the basics for working out. 

anastasia hisel tpivPdQgC20 unsplash
Warm up and stretching is essential to lower the risk of injury for work outs. Photo by Anastasia Hisel on Unsplash

Prevent injuries by warming up. Increase mobility and flexibility with static stretches and lower the chances of straining through dynamic stretches.

He notes that strength training is essential for everyone, regardless of their skill level. He considers squats, deadlifts, and barbell bench or overhead presses the three fundamental exercises and emphasizes the importance of strengthening joints.

Lastly, conditioning and cooling down are necessary to improve efficiency in your body goals and release muscle stress.

9. Molly Bailey

You won’t believe that one of the most followed fitness influencers did not get her start in wellness and fitness videos. 

 Molly Bailey began her Youtube career approximately nine years ago. But rather than posting exercise and wellness content, Molly was a Beauty Guru sharing makeup and fashion advice. 

Now, Molly is a digital creator and a lifestyle and fitness vlogger.

This 2022, Molly has over thirty-seven thousand followers on her Instagram @mollybails and three hundred forty-six thousand subscribers on her Youtube channel. 

She shares vlogs and lessons she has learned in her fitness journey, making people with similar wellness goals look forward to her content.

Why should you watch Molly’s Youtube fitness content?

pexels maksim goncharenok 4348589
Be kind and patient with yourself with your weight loss journey. Avoid restricting yourself to foster steady results and mental wellness. Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels

Molly shares that she initially got addicted to the results she got from her weight loss journey. Thus, she restricted her intake to achieve better and faster results. 

Getting tired of restrictions led her to eat unhealthily for some weeks and go back to restricting soon afterward. Realizing that an unsustainable cycle has formed, Molly shares that she took a break from weight loss.

She decided to commit to a lifestyle change with a more sustainable and kinder approach. She started slowly and steadily and has achieved her wellness goals while getting the proper nutrients and becoming mentally healthier.

10. Matt Morsia | MattDoesFitness

As one of the top 3 Triple Jumpers in the UK, Matt Morsia was training to compete in the Olympics. Behind the picture-perfect image of this athlete is a shocking revelation. This athlete was suffering from an eating disorder simultaneously. 

Matt needed to be light to jump further. However, after years of training in this sport, he suffered a back injury just before qualifying for the Olympics, leaving him depressed.

Moving forward, Matt started weightlifting and was inspired by his now-wife Sarah to post videos. 

He once tried an eating challenge where he ate twenty-five thousand calories of junk food. This video blew up into one of his most viewed content and subsequently gained him much revenue.

Why should you try Matt’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels victor freitas 841130
Weightlifting helped Matt ge through his depression. Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels

Now, this fitness youtube channel has over 2.15 million subscriptions and over a million followers on his Instagram, @mattdoesfitness.

From his past pains and struggles, he encourages his follower to lose weight slowly, steadily, and sustainably. He suggests measuring your progress. 

Eventually, you should take your training up a notch to become fitter and more resilient.

11. Cassey Ho | Blogilates

With over 14 years of experience teaching her format Pop Pilates, this wellness influencer has garnered a massive 2.3 million following on her Instagram account and over 6.84 million subscriptions on her Youtube channel.

Why should you try Cassey’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels serkan goktay 66758
Stop treating bodies like fast fashion and fall in love with yourself all over again. Photo by Serkan Göktay on Pexels

Cassey Ho uses her platform to share the genuine happiness you get from exercise. 

Her enthusiasm over the years remains unmatched, making her followers stay loyal and come back for more content. 

Her love for fitness led her to launch Popflex, her active fashion brand. As the CEO and Head Designer of Popflex and the Creator of Pop Pilates Official, Casey Ho is impacting men and women to be physically and mentally healthier.

Casey Ho influences her followers to change their mindset. Our bodies are distinct to us, there is no perfect shape, and preferences change over time. Thus, Casey believes that we should stop treating bodies like fast fashion.

12. HASfit

HASfit, otherwise known as Heart and Soul Fitness has been providing multiple workout videos and impacting many lives through wellness and fitness.

Why should you try HASfit’s Youtube fitness workouts?

As one of the top youtube channels, you’re sure that your personal trainers Claudia and Coach Kozak will bring you closer to your personal wellness goals. 

HASfit has garnered over 1.86 million subscriptions and ninety-four thousand followers on their Instagram account, @hasfit_official.

In one blog post, they encourage their followers to get enough sleep, considering the sleep specialists’ recommended number of hours of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage. To achieve this, HASfit promotes trying to sleep earlier.

lux graves rUc9hVE L E unsplash
Sleep allows you to achieve your wellness goals more efficiently. Photo by Lux Graves on Unsplash

Aim to sleep at the same time per day, create a relaxing setting, and work on cultivating healthy habits. These personal trainers accompany you in your workouts while bringing information for a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

13. Maddie Lymburner | MadFit

Maddie Lymburner was only twenty-five years old when she was named the top Youtube Creator of Canada in 2020. She previously worked for a health food store and began posting content on vegan eating in 2015.

Maddie is a workout instructor with 7.26 subscribers on her Youtube channel (MadFit) and 1.4 million followers on her Instagram, @madfit.ig. 

A year after posting her first content, she started to gain some revenue. 

She believed she could make something out of her current following, and in 2019, she established MadFit.

Why should you try Maddie’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels the lazy artist gallery 1451122
Feel rejuvenated after a yoga session. Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels

MadFit brings positivity and fun to anyone who wants to be healthier through exercise. Enjoy exercises like yoga, High-Intensity Interval Training, strength training, and more. 

Try her yoga videos to relax after a day’s work. Play a workout video on your TV from this best fitness youtube channel if you can’t go to the gym.

Check out her posts, channel, and Facebook platform for nutrition and exercise-related content every week.

If you want an instant happy pill and an extra dose of energy, you might want to check out her Billie Eilish Bad Guy workout. This video is one of her most viewed yet!

14. John & Leon | The Lean Machines

These two friends approach wellness as physical therapists and nutrition coaches. What’s there not to love when getting workout advice from experts?

These fitness influencers have a following of one hundred three thousand on Instagram @theleanmachineofficial and four hundred twenty-nine thousand subscribers. 

These fitness influencers acknowledge the daily and individual priorities that their followers have. Their plans are personal, understanding one’s stresses and responsibilities. 

Why should you try John and Leon’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels lukas 669580
Use dumbbells and barrel equipment for the Gym Training Plan. Photo by Lukas on Pexels

Experience different training programs they offer on their site. Their Home Training Plan allows you to exercise with no equipment needed.

These top fitness influencers offer you videos for when you can’t train at the gym. Try them every week to see results!

Their Gym Training Plan focuses on working your muscles, incorporating dumbbell and barrel equipment. 

Lastly, the Functional Training Plan integrates various intense exercises from gymnastics to strength and metabolic conditioning.

15. Kayla Itsines

It’s no wonder why this youtube channel is loved by many. Kayla has been a personal trainer since 2008, gaining the trust of many as she helps women improve their health and wellness. 

Kayla is the co-creator of High Impact with Kayla making workouts accessible to women in the realms of their homes. This influencer is the co-founder of Sweat, an app with training programs to achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Why should you try Kayla’s Youtube fitness workouts?

diana polekhina OpB7gkQY9oc unsplash
Measure by progress rather than numbers. Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Kayla emphasizes focusing on your progress rather than constantly comparing yourself to others. To maximize efficiency, eat food that builds muscles, prioritize sleep, and slowly increase workout intensity.

16. Chris Heria

Chris Heria began working out at nearby parks in his youth. This dedication sparked his passion for exercise and wellness. 

Chris participates in pull-bar competitions and shares his knowledge on effective workout and wellness habits through teaching.

The CEO and Founder of THENX, a School of Calisthenics has garnered over 4.12 million subscriptions on his Youtube channel and 1.5 million followers on Instagram. 

He uses his platform to create accessible content that shares the skills and tips he learned over time to achieve the body he has now.

Why should you try Chris’s Youtube fitness workouts?

april laugh SBWC A8WGCU unsplash
Working out with the right mindset is healthy and fun. Photo by April Laugh on Unsplash

He assures us that loving what you do makes hard work fun. Focusing on the positives brings you closer to your goals.

17. Al Kavadlo

Al began his love for exercise at thirteen years of age. After ten years, this personal trainer built a career in the fitness industry.

Al established his blog and Youtube channel in 2009 and wrote a book, Raising the Bar, three years after. Now, Al has over thirty-two thousand followers on Instagram and more than eighty-four subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Why should you try Al’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels tirachard kumtanom 601177
Don’t max yourself out. Start slowly but steadily. Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels

As a personal trainer, he vows to guide his clients by sharing the vital knowledge in working out, giving them room to grow and discover what’s best for their personal growth.

Al shares the five essential exercise advice he learned from raising his baby. He advises starting slowly, crawling before walking. He also believes that accountability is necessary for your wellness journey, preventing the repetition of errors.

Al shares the importance of training your back muscles, persistence, and consistency in executing a squat appropriately and staying curious for constant improvement.

With Al’s wellness tips and an expert take on workouts, be assured that you’re on the path to reaching your goals. Watch his videos and feel relieved and brand new as you endure an exercise.

18. Kali Muscle

Kali has come a long way since experiencing a rough childhood and his darkest and most challenging times. At first glance, you would think that this actor, author, bodybuilder, and entertainer has got it smooth and easy with his massive success.

Why should you watch Kali’s Youtube platform?

pexels mikhail nilov 6740754
The more we get older, the more we should take care of our bodies. Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

Kali gets real in his Youtube welcome video where he states that the goal of his channel is to provide encouragement, motivation, and joy. Getting real with his subscribers, Kali shares his experiences from multiple stints in jail to his times of despair and use of narcotics.

With over one million Instagram followers and 2.67 million Youtube subscribers, he influences his subscribers to take courage. He shares his story of bouncing back from his hardships as a motivation to succeed. 

He assures you that you can make your goals happen even if you begin from your lowest point. 

Kali encourages everyone, especially those over30 years old, to utilize the channel for health inspiration. As we get older, he states that we must become more health conscious.

Kali wishes his subscribers a life of prosperity and health. Feel welcomed and motivated as you watch Kali’s videos on Youtube.

19. Lucy Wyndham-Read

Lucy is an example of reaping the long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle. At age 50, this influencer and expert stays radiant and gorgeous, continuing her legacy in the health and wellness industry. 

With over 25 years of experience, she impacts millions of people who watch and support her content to live and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

Why should you try Lucy’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels ketut subiyanto 4426321
Lucy advises to always warm up before a workout. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

Lucy has over 2.16 million subscribers on her Youtube channel and two hundred fifty-three thousand Instagram followers. This fitness Youtuber makes working out accessible to women beyond her posts on the platform. 

She ensures that the workout programs are doable and practical for women of all skill levels. 

Her seven-minute workouts are a crowd favorite. She tells her subscribers that making workouts simple gives you a more sustainable routine that turns into visible results. 

Many of us have a few minutes to spare, so why not try a seven-minute workout video? Lucy reminds her subscribers to always warm up before exercising.

20. Joanna Soh | Joanna Soh Official

Working for the fitness industry while pursuing a career in Performance and Media brought a creative pursuit for Joanna. 

Sharing her love for fitness and wellness, she decided to film Youtube videos in the said niche, leading one of the most watched health and fitness channels on Youtube.

Joanna is a certified personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and a women’s fitness specialist. She was the first Malaysian woman to be awarded the Youtube Gold Button, producing four hundred videos in five years. 

Now, Joanna has over 2.85 million subscribers and one hundred twenty-nine thousand Instagram followers.

Feel secure knowing your wellness advice comes from a certified trainer and expert. Pair science-backed information with workout videos you can play every week.

Why should you try Joanna’s Youtube fitness workouts?

pexels pixabay 40751
Wellness is cultivated from within. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

She believes that wellness comes from the inside, and love and a healthy body are cultivated from within. 

The Fio app founder and creator encourage her followers to value themselves and be watchful of their thoughts and emotions.

With the impact of self-love and exercise on her life, Joanna aims to spread this blessing to her subscribers and help them reach their health goals on a sustainable platform.

21. Caleb Marshall | The Fitness Marshall

The Fio app founder and creator encourage her followers to value themselves and be watchful of their thoughts and emotions.

With the impact of self-love and exercise on her life, Joanna aims to spread this blessing to her subscribers and help them reach their health goals on a sustainable platform.

A wise and noble woman once said: ” Don’t hide yourself in regret, just love yourself, and you’re set” (Lady Gaga, 2011). 

We all love someone who promotes self-love and brings a safe space for you to express yourself. If you’re looking for this environment to start your fitness journey, you may want to check out The Fitness Marshall.

Why should you try Caleb’s Youtube fitness workouts?

This fitness Youtuber’s mission is to celebrate everyone and make them feel comfortable, welcomed, and accepted. 

Through his Youtube platform, The Fitness Marshall, he creates dance workouts to your favorite pop songs. Besides the catchy beats is his uplifting and energy-boosting personality.

jason leung 6rGJQry0 WI unsplash
Enjoy your favorite pop tracks as you burn calories through The Fitness Marshall’s workouts. Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

While pursuing a degree in telecommunications, Caleb joined a hip hop class in the IU Student Recreational Sports Center to combat his stress and anxiety. This avenue to express and destress brought Caleb to become one of the most supported fitness pop stars online. 

Now with over 4.14 million subscribers and four hundred seventy-nine thousand Instagram followers, Caleb Marshall shares the joy he gains from fitness with his followers. He states that beyond looking for job opportunities, he applied the skills he developed throughout his university experience and made opportunities happen through them.

Feel accepted and loved even as you endure through a workout video. Rest assured you’ll be bopping into hyped pop hits while burning those calories!

22. Kelli Segars and Daniel Segars | Fitness Blender

This husband and wife duo screams relationship goals indeed. Not only do Kelli and Daniel promote a healthy life for themselves, but they share free full-length workouts with the world too.

With over 6.66 million Youtube subscribers and three hundred ten thousand Instagram followers, This youtube channel is leading youtube with free full body workouts and new videos every week. 

Why should you try Kelli and Daniel’s free Youtube fitness workouts?

elena kloppenburg erUC4fTtCuo unsplash 1
Achieve your wellness goals with little to no equipment with Fitness Blender. Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash

This fitness channel offers home workouts with minimal equipment and full body exercise for cardio and strength. Fitness Blender posts nutrition tips, healthy recipes (even plant-based options!), and free youtube fitness videos you can use every week.

Daniel and Kelli are among the fitness influencers that believe health and wellness should be accessible. 

The couple has committed to providing their audience with health and wellness content that is applicable and attainable regardless of your status, gender, or wealth. These personal trainers debunk myths about the fitness industry and share science-based information on their social media platforms like Facebook.

These top fitness influencers on Youtube provide a variety of enjoyable and challenging full-length workouts. 

It’s been twelve years since these personal trainers established their platform on Youtube. To this day, the married couple stays committed to their mission. 

If you don’t have access to a gym, you can still gain muscle and exercise at home with a free fitness video and minimal equipment.

Beyond the workout videos, this husband and wife duo delivers nutrition, health, and wellness information based on science and research. 

With their impact on lots of viewers, it’s no surprise so many people have achieved their health and fitness goals, attained empowerment, and cultivated self-love. Fitness Blender is the best fitness youtube channel to subscribe to if you want new videos per week and fitness videos for every skill level.

Top Tips from Fitness Youtubers!

boxed water is better zQNDCje06VM unsplash
Having realistic goals and pacing yourself to reach them leads to a happier wellness journey. Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

Have only a couple minutes to spare or don’t have access to a gym?

You may feel like you’re not giving your all to achieve your goals. However, these workout YouTubers are here to let you know that you’re doing more than what you think to help your body.

These wellness experts believe you reach milestones as long as you find ways to move your body daily (whether it be a couple of minutes to a few hours per day).

Yes, milestones! Hard work sure does pay off, especially in exercise. But do you ever find patterns of giving it your all after making the resolution to work out again only to want to quit a few days after?

Having the humility to accept your limits may be the more efficient option for everyone. Start slowly and steadily.

Good things take time. So don’t push yourself on the first go. Instead, track and celebrate progress. 

Personal trainer advice for those starting out

We’ve talked about starting small in your exercise journey. This is especially good for people who may have low activity levels or may not have much time on their plate.

If you’re someone who loves challenging themselves, fear not! These exercise instructors state that effective weight loss and a leaner body develop as you increase the difficulty of your workouts. This way, you become more resilient, stronger, and fitter. 

mark deyoung mjcJ0FFgdWI unsplash
Protein, fiber, and plant-based meals is necessary to reach your overall wellness goals. Photo by Mark DeYoung on Unsplash

Lastly, pair your exercise regimen with proper nutrition and sleep. Intake plant-based meals, foods rich in fiber, and some protein. You will see that combining these healthy habits makes you feel alive and refreshed every day.

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